The Pongovi Foundation

For a resilient, sustainable and abundant future

Hurricane Maria Recovery Dominica

Dominica needs more than short term humanitarian relief. The country is facing a prolonged crisis.

The Pongovi Foundation has a team on the ground working to implement a strategy to reduce the country’s dependence on fossil fuels, agrochemical inputs, and food imports, and transition the majority of homes and businesses onto renewable energy sources. With a country the size of Dominica these goals are attainable with minimal resources, but we need your help. READ MORE »

A Recovery Plan for Dominica

  1. Restore access to farms, water supplies and homes. Remove rubble, fallen trees, and clear landslides.
  2. Establish slope and water management systems: Terracing, drainage, and planting on edges to reduce erosion and the risk of future landslides.
  3. Repair and rebuild housing: replace roofs, build highly efficient and disaster resistant homes for those who lost theirs.
  4. Set up renewable energy systems in as many homes, farms and community centers as possible.

What We Need to make this happen

Volunteers: carpenters, electricians, mechanics, welders, renewable energy technicians, organic farmers, general handymen etc…

Food: We need non-perishable food items for the local population and for volunteers.

Materials and Equipment: See equipment and materials list.

To send equipment or relief items visit our donate page.

Who We are

The Pongovi Foundation is comprised of an onsite team of Dominicans and immigrants who are 100% committed to staying through the recovery, to rebuild, and put the country on track for a fossil fuel free future. We also have an international team based in the Netherlands which helps coordinate communications globally.