Towards a resilient, sustainable and abundant future

Hurricane Maria Recovery Dominica

On September 18th, 2017 The Commonwealth of Dominica was hit by hurricane Maria. The devastation was staggering. Lives were destroyed. Families were separated. The ripple effects of the storm will be felt for years.

Rather than merely providing humanitarian assistance and repairing conventional infrastructure Dominica should be given a head start in the transition off of fossil fuels and agrochemical farm inputs towards renewable energy and climate resilient agriculture (aka permaculture). This is the vision projected by the current leadership of the country, both to the international community, and in policy. With such a tiny country such a transition would be attainable with relatively little resources if those with means and conscience take action.

Concrete Goals for the Recovery

  1. Restore access to farms, water supplies and homes. Remove rubble, fallen trees, and clear landslides.
  2. Establish slope and water management systems: Terracing, drainage, and planting on edges to reduce erosion and the risk of future landslides.
  3. Repair and rebuild housing: replace roofs, build highly efficient and disaster resistant homes for those who lost theirs.
  4. Set up renewable energy systems in as many homes, farms and community centers as possible.

What We Need

Volunteers: carpenters, electricians, mechanics, welders, renewable energy technicians, organic farmers, general handymen etc…

Materials and Equipment: See equipment and materials list.

To send equipment or relief items visit our donate page.

Who We are

Pongovi is an informal network of individuals from multiple countries committed to working towards a fossil free future. We operate a permaculture education center in Dominica, and work with groups and individuals which are in the transition, assisting in any way that we can. There also exist a legal NGO registered in Holland (pongovi.nl) which operates independently towards these same goals.