Hurricane Maria Recovery Needs List

Attaining agricultural and energy self sufficiency is a massive project. Hillsides need to be terraced, drainage and water retention set up on contour, trees, branches and landslides cleared, compost systems set up at scale, and seed stocks replenished.

  • Renewable energy equipment and systems: inverters, charge controllers, battery controllers, solar panels, microhydro systems, multimeter, insulation resistance meter, ground resistance meter, pv curve meter, insulated screw driver set, mechanic tool set
  • Dual cab 4x4 Pickup truck(s) - Toyota Hillux or equivalent - For transporting materials and equipment, removing rubble, and delivering relief (we currently have only small jeeps).
  • Excavator(s) to remove debris, clear landslides and landscape for farming - At least one Bobcat mini-excavator with claw - A full sized excavator would also help greatly for large scale earthmoving
  • Trailer to move excavator(s), building materials and debris
  • Chainsaws - w/ bar oil and mix oil
  • Axes with fiberglass handles - To enable work when fuel is not available.
  • Industrial Wood chipper (to make mulch and compost from fallen branches).
  • Cordless drills and saws (preferably Makita)
  • Communication equipment - Ham radios and walkie talkies
  • Tents and Tarps
  • Green house and aquaponics kits and components


  • Pressure treated lumber (all lengths): 2X4, 2x6, 4x4, form ply, marine ply etc…
  • Heavy duty galvanized roofing material (all lengths)
  • Roofing screws (all lengths, but 4 inch and longer are prefered)
  • Hurricane Ties
  • Joist Hangers
  • Wood and cement screws (all lengths)
  • Nails (all lengths)
  • Greenhouse plastic and black screen
  • HDPE pipe (for reconnecting water systems) 3”, 2”, 3/4”, 1/2”
  • HDPE pipe connectors: junctions, tees, male adaptors, elbows
  • Water tanks


  • Rubber Boots and Work Boots
  • Rubberized gloves
  • Socks

Musical Instruments & Guitar Strings

In most villages there is no electricity. Accoustic music is the only entertainment, and there is a shortage of instruments.

You can also download an extended list in pdf form.